I Have Wide Syndrome...

7:24 PM

That's what I personally call my issue also known as having wide width feet. Recently during my spring cleaning of my walk-in closet my mother put to my attention that I didn't have many shoes, which she is so correct. Ever since I was young I remember the difficulty to find nice shoes that looked cute and actually fit my feet. When I was in elementary the only footwear I wore was sneakers, then when I reached into middle school I had to get shoes because wearing sneakers was not part of the uniform. I believe the shoes that held my down for those two years were hush puppies. Anyway high school was sort of a blur I believe sneakers, sneakers, Diesels, Diesels; yup that's about right I usually wore one shoe a for the whole school year. Sad, I know but when stores don't carry a variety of shoes that are wide width finding comfortable shoes the selection is scarce.

However times have changed since high school and Payless have become the go to place for me to find trendy shoes that are in wide width and also at great prices. Here are some of my favorite selections from the website, the stores have more selections though.
Anyway another place that have inexpensive shoes is the Lane Bryant store, I know this is a plus-size store however many plus-size women don't have narrow feet.

Well hopefully now that the weather is getting bearable and warm I will have to invest in some of these shoes and many more. I do not do online-shopping especially for shoes because of my wide width feet condition so if anyone know of other sites that carry wide width please be so helpful and leave me a comment.

pics courtesy payless and lane bryant

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