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10:00 PM

Was anyone kind of sike to see the last minutes of The Fashionistas Diaries. Probably the most anticipated moment I been so long waited for was the assistants finding out the their magazine folded without them even knowing and the crazy part was that they got a text message from a non-staffer who found out about the news through the internet, may I say "ouch". But all lame jokes aside it's one thing to hear about an magazine demise but it's another seeing the staffers grabing boxes, holding their heads in disbelief and making mutiple phone calls because they're all out of a job. It's actually quite sad but the most intriguing to see the inner goings of an fashion magazine office in dismay, I will definitely stay tuned for the next episode.
Oops! next Wednesday is the beginning Fashion Week okay I will have to DVR it than.

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