Letter to the Fashionistas

6:14 PM

Dear All Fashionistas,

The first time I arrive at the New York fashion week at Bryant Park
in Feb 2006 what excited me the most was seeing the fashions coming down the runway. The "celebrities" in my head was Andre Leon Talley I completely almost fell out of my fifth row chair when he strutted in the Promenade, but I digress. Anyway no actress, socialite, musician or reality star has ever gotten a thrill out of me just from going to a fashion show, if so what's the purpose? They are usually there to get some publicity anyway.

I think many media outlets has forgot about the real idea of what is New York Fashion Week or any fashion week around the world. It's really to celebrate (postively or negatively) small or huge designers creations, ideas and garments that's presented in a runway presentation or showroom. Should New York Fashion week really matter how many celebrities shows up? The designers should be the main focus of attention this fashion week, am I wrong?

It seemed many people were complaining that 221 designers having fashion presentations is too much to have during New York fashion week and now it's the many celebrities actually seating in the front row of those shows. Okay I like to indulge from time to time at Perezhilton.com to see which actress has been driving drunk with a bag of blow in her pocket. But don't these celebrities get enough press as it is, such as gracing the covers of all the fashion magazines leaving no room for the supermodels of today, yet again I digress. So this is a letter to all of the fashionistas, fashion supporters and fashion lovers why can't the celebrities in our world (the fashion world) are people that contribute to fashion or people that we aspire to be, like the Carine Roitfeld or Linda Fargo of the time.


Chic Inspector

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