Gottex Spring/Summer 2008 Collection - Day 2

11:33 PM

"This collection is about fusion...Fusion of cultures and fusion of colors. The strength and edginess of the legendary Bond Girls mixed together with the festive colors and shapes of Carnival" - Designer, Gideon Oberson

This show was pack just full of people in the back and some in the aisle. I tried my best to take pictures but from where I was sitting (yes, I did get an assignment!) I found it diffucult to extend my arm . But anyway the collection of bathing suits was inspired by Bonds Girls and I total get even before I read the show program. The first few looks that was black and yellow were dominated in a strong way like a Bond girls needs to be. As the show progress strong domination flowed into beautiful colors and patterns. My favorite look was when Cintia Dicker come out in a white bathing suit, well just check out my video below.

The last two looks the models Fatou and Ajuma were the brides it literally gave me chills to see two african models walking down the runway both in white. At some shows they are NO african-american models in sight and it was really beautiful for Gideon to used models of color and that were not that skinny.

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