New York 2008 Fashion Week Coverage Round-Up

10:56 PM

Sorry it took me a while after my last post but when NY fashion week was over my mind and body became extremely tried and I needed the rest. But anyway I was fortunate enough this season to be invited to some really great shows; some that were at awesome venues and I had the pleasure of meeting really fabulous people as well.

Here go my ratings of my fashion week experience:

Best Giftbag: Eventhough at the Caravan Fashion show the giftbag were busting because they were so full I have to give the best giftbag I recieved was at the Thuy Fashion presentation. The bag had some MAC cosmetics, $50 Gift Card to Completely Bare, Vitamin Water and a few hair products.

Awkward Moment: My awkward moment of fashion week was when a female from the front row of a certain fashion show at the end I attended asked me if the female designer was really a man? Yeah extremely awkward, moving on.

Best Location:Okay hands down this has to be at Bryant Park. The free coffees, cookies and liqour. The press lounge is the place I stayed the most during the week it was very convienent for updating my blog and editing my videos.

Beautiful Venue:Again this goes to the Thuy fashion presentation which was held by Industry Publicity, I was just blown away by the white loft and the view from the loft was just amazing.

Crazy Backstage Story: A dresser who dressed models at one of the shows I attended told me of a model who was foolish enough forgot to get a bikini -wax. So at crush time the stylist found a razor and the stylist did the job herself. (Hope you get the picture!)

Fashion Week Crush:It's a tie between Carine Roitfeld and Joe Zee. The few times I saw them I became giggly like a child. Thinking about it I now feel silly.

Best Random People: I took pictures of these guys because they were so funny and fabulous to speak. The hot blondie in the middle, his name is Jamesson; a few days later after taking the first picture of him we had spend a nice time in the press lounge hanging out and laughing it up. Yup, he's super cool!
Favorite Fashion Show Video Coverage: This goes to the Aurelio Costarello Show that was held in the Prince George Ballroom. As soon I arrived not less than a minute the show started okay I was running a bit late coming from a show at the Tents. But anyway I was really in a good position at the show, I had a great view of the models and the clothes so I really didn't need to stretch my neck or wiggle in my seat. When the first model appeared I was just so inclined just to take video of the whole 27 looks. They were all beautiful and sexy.

Worst Looks: Nope! not the worst looks on the runway but the worst looks I recieved was from a lady when I told her that I will not move from my assigned seat so she can take pictures (well I had to take pictures and videos too) she headed to the next section across found a seat in the fourth row and during the show she gave me evil stares the whole entire time. Sorry Lady I will not be move!

Here is my Fashion Week Coverage Round-Up. In this video there will be some unseen footage, this is basically a recap of my experience at New York Fashion Week. Enjoy!

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