Caravan Spring 2008 Runway Presentation - Day 7

7:16 PM

Okay this was my last fashion show of New York Fashion Week. However this wasn't a normal 15 minutes show, the show lasted probably an half and hour. Yup that's pretty long if you weren't expecting it. Regardless of that this Caravan Spring 2008 Fashion show showcased multiple designers garments who probably wouldn't have a runway presentation. I really don't see why, because of the garments looked darn chic to me. It was a really great presentation that featured many designers that were really talented.

This is one of the designers, Kimberley Foley wearing one of her designs. DeeJay for the show check out his myspace page
This is a model he didn't model in the show but he did modeled in the Phillip Lim show
Andrew, he was everywhere this Fashion Week. Those eyes are too fabulous for me.

Heres the video, just a warning the video I was in a very bad position so some of the images are not that great :(

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