Pre-L.A.M.B = Pandemonium

7:39 AM

I had the great pleasure of seating in the lobby and looking to see who's who was going to the L.A.M.B fashion and yes it was pandemonium. This was my third season attending NY fashion week and I never saw that much of a crowd of people in the lobby. I try to take pictures of chic ladies but there were some many people I really couldn't get a full length picture.

Eventhough my day wasn't going well, I will elaborate later, it was great to see Suze Yalof Schwartz from Glamour Magazine again, I don't know if it was her smile or her hot pink shoes, it was just great to see her again. Doesn't she looks cute?

Check out my video to see how pack it was and see which fashion writer was being camera shy.

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