Goodbye Black Friday and Good Riddance

6:44 PM

I woke at 5 am this morning because I had to get to work at 7 am, usually I don't wake two hours early to get to work. My motivation to get up this early was because the mall I work in has an H&M and everyone knows I love H&M, more than H&M I love a good discount. As it being Black friday today this was my first experience ever being in or near a retail environment, I really didn't know how hardcore people shop during this time.

I knew I had to get there early and that I had a postcard claiming that the "special" for black friday would be 25% of your purchase before noon. As it say in the pic of the postcard, 6am til 12pm. However when I arrive at my plan destination that gate was closed and a sign saying mall opening hours which was at 7 am and I had to be a work at 7 am that time so my hope was crushed. I was not over exaggerating or hallucinating because there were some stores that had open at 6 am so I thought there was some hope, but nope. So another destination I was heading to was Old Navy. Well just forget about that the line at approximately 6:20 am was 45 minutes long, no joke. What the hell, I guess people was camping the out early in the morning. I went in and quickly walked right out.

Here's a very short short video of my walk through the mall today, you all can hear me in the video saying "what!" when I saw that H&M wasn't opened.

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