I'm all Bitten up

11:03 PM

Just a few hours ago I purchased the neck tie trapeze dress by Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker that was designed by Project Runway Contestant Victorya Hong. The dress was $19.98 and in the picture the jeans were also by Bitten that cost a shocking $9.98 and because I purchased the items in NJ there was no sales tax (I just had to say that). Anyway when I arrived at Steve & Barrys I thought there was going to be a major poster in the front window advertising the dress by Victorya Hong but no such thing. The dress only came in two colors, burgundy and black. The mannequin that displayed the dress had the burgundy dress on with a wide belt and jeans. I thought for a brief moment the store was going to display the mannequin the same way it was styled on the show but I guess not. I guess they wanted to persaude the customers to wear the dress in another way. When I arrived at the cash register I asked the associate if the dress was selling she said, "Yes, they are selling a lot."

Neck tie trapeze dress Victorya Hong The dress is okay the fabric is smooth and soft but reminds me of a apron I wore in middle schoool for art class. The way it felt and draped down I needed to wear the jeans. There was no way I would wear this as a dress alone. But hey that's my opinion and majority of the dresses I own I wear with jeans anyway.

I won't be returning it so I rate this dress a 2 chic thumbs up.

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