The Sartorialist's exhibition at Danziger Projects

5:05 PM

Well last night I attended the Sartorialist's exhibition at Danziger Projects. The gallery was packed. It just showed how much people appreciated Scott's work as a photo-blogger. He has influence on so many people in the fashion industry and the blogging world, I had to make an expectation to get out of work early to attend. While I was there with camera in hand there were very finely dress people in the gallery and outside. Unfortunately because it was so full in the gallery I only took pictures of few people. In the video I spoke with James Danziger and Scott Schuman about how the gallery was set up. But anyway check out the video to see Scott with his family (he has two adorable daughters) and see all the crowd.

The Sartorialist’s exhibition at Danziger Projects

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