Damn You New Designer Damn You

7:55 PM

This designer will remain nameless as someone said he's no Marc Jacob. The show was to suppose to start at 6pm the show was running around an hour and half late and when I left with a few other fashion industry people the show still didn't start. This designer is relatively new to the scene so in support I went to the venue in hopes that show will start on time just so I can make it back to the Erin Fetherston show. Let's just say I didn't make to the show. It's really disappointing during the first day of fashion week and have people in a venue waiting to be called so the show can start. Like someone said who left the venue of the new designer, 'you're no Marc Jacobs'. It would have probably started on time if there were real industry people and less posers.

Damn you, damn you

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