Ready For A Pointy Return?

10:30 AM

Pic:Balenciaga, Lanvin, Balenciaga

The two shows I was extremely excited about viewing on were the Lanvin and Balenciaga fashion shows. The two designers had very strong spring/summer 2008 collections and the way they reinvent structure and silhouette is breathtaking. But when I was looking at the Balenciaga’s black dresses coming the runway my eyes went down to the model’s feet.

GASP!!! Pointy Toe Heels?!

I shook my head knowing what this mean; a shoe trend that is going to remerge again. Even a few years ago I never liked pointy toe-anything so I was kind of sad to see this style come back. Right now the shoe market is abundant with round toe, square toe, peep toe, closed toe and open toe. I guess it’s time for this style to come back.

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