Balancing Act: Fashion Week and School

10:28 AM

My sister never had to deal with the madness of Fashion Week and going to countless shows so she asked me "How are you keeping up with everything.” 'Everything' means going to school, my part-time job and among other things. Thinking about it I don't know how I dealt with everything in my life while running around NYC to get to fashion shows some of which I missed. This season I had mid-terms during fashion week and last season I had final exams. I laugh and sigh about how the shows I got invited to that didn't interfere with my exams. I remember last season I had an exam at 8:30am and I had to go to the Tibi show that started at 9:00am. It's a great comfort that my school is two blocks away from the tents so I didn't have to worry about taking the subway to get there, just really fast power walking. To quickly sum it up I landed at the tents at 8:45am and I passed the test and class with an A and the Tibi show was great.

This season when I had my exams in the morning and the shows I needed to go were later on in the day. I had one close call when I had an exam that started at 8:55am sharp and the professor resumed class at 9:30 am, well I had to go the Y&Kei show at the New York Public Library. I kindly told the teacher I needed to leave after the test to go to an appointment, I didn't give her specifics. To quickly sum it up again I passed the class, the exam and made to the Y&Kei to see Kate Lanphear sitting front row. Kate Lanphear sitting front row at Y&KeiI have been quite lucky not to be placed in a conundrum where a fashion show started at the same time as any one of my exams. But I survived the week and my classes.

Here are my tips to any fashion bloggers who are college students out there who might be attending any Fashion Week around the world.

1.) Be kind to your Professors early on in the semester.
2.) Kick ass on the tests and assignments prior to fashion week, try to get full credit on everything in class just in case you miss a few things from being at the shows.
3.) Become friends and stay in contact with classmates even if you have to fake it, they might help you when you’re completely lost in class after the hectic week.
4.) Try to make arrangements with professors for any extra credit even if you don't need it will show your professor that you are really interested in the class.
5.) Either with a blackberry or day planner make note of the times of exams and fashion shows you are considering, you don't want any confusions.

Basically prioritize is key and keep hydrated with lots of water.

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