A Reflect Back at Fall 2008 New York Fashion Week

8:30 PM

Best Dressed: Kate Lanphear

Kate Lanphear Senior Style Editor at Elle Magazine

Kate Lanphear the Senior Style Editor at Elle Magazine. What can I say about this hip editor. I admire her streetstyle I've seen on websites so it was awesome to see her in person on several occassions during fashion week.

The Hottest Trend Under the Tent: Black Patent Leather Heels

Patent Leather Shoe Trend at New York Fashion Week

Who wasn't wearing any style of black patent shoes during New York Fashion Week (for the exception of me)? This had to be the most popular shoe trend among the fashionistas.

Most Unique Stride on the Catwalk: Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss Walk at New York Fashion Week

Teen Vogue's cover girl, Karlie Kloss had the most unique stride coming down various runways. I totally understand that she takes ballet which make her glide very smoothly instead of stomping around like some models do. What caught my eye was her ghostly stare, what the hell is up with that? The first time I saw this model I became extremely uneasy about her stare, even people in the audience I overheard was talking about it. It's all about standing out and she certainly does.

New York Fashion Week Partner in Crime:

Jamesson Beane

Jamesson Beane, I met him last season and this season we hung out all week. He's probably the sweetest and funniest guy I met under the Tents since I have been going to NY Fashion Week. I have to say with the many adventures and career moves J is going through I became extremely jealous when I wasn't with him this is what happened. Yup that's right the only time I wasn't attached to his arm he snagged a pic and quick chat with Kate Lanphear. I am still jealous but I love him anyway.

Video Wrap Up
In the video below is a sum up of all the editors, stylists, writers and models during New York Fashion Week that I came in contact with this show season.

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