Virgos In The Fashion Industry

11:59 PM

Virgos that are stylist, editors and designers in the fashion industry
I was gloriously brought in this earth on Sept 18 which under the zodiac charts lands me as a Virgo. Yes Virgoans are known to be the feminine critical prefectionist and creative ones in the zodiac. So I am not surprise some of my favorite fashion designers, artists and editors are the same sign as me. DKNY designer Jane Chung said to Fashion Week Daily about her boss Donna Karan that, "She does love virgos. Virgo are structured, logical and disciplined workaholics." Patrick Robinson once said, "I'm a Virgo and thus am never happy...I always see the faults, I always want to make it better." Virgo strive for the best and try to see the best in people if we don't pick them apart first. I love my surroundings to be organize and sufficiently put to together, as Tom Ford said to another Virogan Karl Lagerfeld in an interview, "...being a virgo, we like to have things very neat, very clean, very finished." Yes we do.

In the picture:

Domenico Dolce, Stella McCartney, Gareth Pugh, Karl Lagerfeld, Patrick Robinson, Carine Roitfeld, Rachel Zoe, Tom Ford

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