I Simply Remember My favorite Things

And then I don't feel so bad.

Just watched My Fair Lady gotta love that Audrey Hepburn.
Anyway technically the season right now is summer but I would like to remember my favorite things from my internship at Harper's that I swooned over for a few months. So let me share.
Chic Inspector Favorite Fall Accessories
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Anonymous said...

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mateo said...

my favorite of them all is bottega veneta's knot. if i was a girl, i'd carry it all the time ;)))

Samantha Smikle said...

love your favs! your blog is dope...thanks for your insight on mine. we should exchange links--let me know if you're down!

Secretista said...

MMM... *drool*.

You interned at Harper's?!... that's my dream mag. Yum.

savvyshopper67 said...

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Trendini said...

internship at Harpers? wow...thats amazing!! nice layouts! :)

Chic Emporium said...

whoah...those things really rock!