A Look Back: ElleGirl Magazine

12:01 AM

As I was cleaning out my room and other closets in my house, I found a few ElleGirl magazines. I remember Ellegirl like it was ages ago but it was only two years ago the magazine closed. As I sat on the floor with these old issues looking at the pages, I realize why this magazine was loved by me and other teen girls. Ellegirl had what I called "the real reach". Magazines today have wonderful imagery but when I say real reach I mean clothes that TEEN girls can actually buy and wear and editorials that encouraged creativity within a teenagers reach. I remember talking to a girl who saw me looking a high fashion magazine as she started to spark up a conversation she said, "these magazines can be so pretentious." Can she be right? I look at many magazines for the features and of course the fashion editorials, I hope  one day I can own a Christian Dior dress or make that decision to put that dress in a magazine. It's great to know about designers such as Dior, YSL and Chanel and what they have  to offer each season and it also comforting to have or had a magazine to let their readers know about Delias, Alloy and Forever21. I need to stop ranting, ok!

ElleGirl June/July 2006 IssueElleGirl Magazine May 2006 Issue

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