Project Runway...yawn?

9:56 PM

Is it just me or Project Runway getting to be on the dull side so far? Last night as I watching the New York City inspiration challenge runway show not a lot of designs wowed me as previous seasons did. Where is the extravagant of Santino, the draping-loving Rami or the big glasses wearing Jay McCarroll? Speaking of Jay remember the dress he designed from his inspiration of the Empire State building season 1. Classic PR.

The only time I cracked a smile was when Tim Gunn was trying to get, how do the say it? 'Gangsta' yeah that was pretty funny. Maybe I am expecting more out of the designers themselves or I need to wait to get more into the season. Don't get me wrong I will still be watching Project Runway especially with the switch to Lifetime and Nina to Marie Claire. But so far not too thrilled.

Not to end on a negative post I did enjoy Leanne skirt!

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