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If some of you out there are unaware of Edite don't be, it's a showroom that acquires new and upcoming designer. When I went there were a few names that I didn't recongize but  that doesn't mean I'm going to stay oblivious forever. The designers clothes  were really extreme with details, volume and mixture of fabrications. To name drop a few there was Lovenia a girly collection with ruffles mix with knits and cocktail dress heavenly stated with bows.

Lovenia Collection at New York Fashion Week

Douglas Reker's collection cleverly called the "Picnic Collection". His dresses have colorful embroidery details and his voluminous tops and constructed bottoms are nothing short of wonderful with basket weave details on every other end of the garments.

Douglas Reker's Picnic Top
Verrieres and Sako designed by Stephanie Verrieres and Kimie Sako is more of a avante garde and edgy collection and their pieces have already appeared in Japanese Vogue, so it's no doubt to keep a watchful eye out for these designers.

Verrieres and Sako Collection at New York Fashion Week
Verrieres and Sako Collection at New York Fashion Week

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