Hey ___ Intern, where did all the posts go?

4:29 PM

Not too long ago I came across a blog of a girl who's an intern at a very popular magazine. I'm not going to reveal the name of the magazine or the name of the blogger. Lets just say a few fashion bloggers have interned at this magazine and a few fashion bloggers are currently interning at this magazine. Anyway from her blog posts I know that she's a very young college student and doing her first fashion magazine internship. As I was reading her blog that was self titled by the way, she loves her internship but had a few negative words/names about other interns and staffers that she's working with. Her blog is quite harmless and I can totally tell she was just venting her feelings about certain situations that she was going through. 

All of us who have been reading blogs or have blogs for a long time know the ramifications when a blogger/intern dishes the dirt about the fashion industry or co-workers. To be honest I love to read these blogs and gag about them but I felt the need to warn this blogger.

I decided to leave a comment in the gist of... be careful not to burn bridges and it's not a wise choice to write negatively about about the staffers. A few days later when I returned to her blog all of her magazine internship related posts was removed. I don't know if it was what I wrote or what.

I currently have a part-time job, interning at a magazine(I'll write about that later) and attending school.
Yes, there are times of fun, frustation and headaches but not all jobs are easy-breezy and the people you come in contact with will not always be to your liking, it's life. To work in this industry you have to deal with it and rise above it at the end of the day or take yoga, that helps. But the lesson to this post is that If you want to vent about your job/internship, the people who you're working with or have worked with do it somewhere that someone on the web won't find out about it or figure it's you.

*Oh, by the way just to clarify that my last internship and the magazine I'm interning at is NOT the magazine the blogger is referring to.

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