Thoughts on the Chanel Mobile Art Exhibit

9:04 AM

New York Chanel Mobile ArtThoughts and quotes I heard while at the Exhibit from beginning to end.

1. Karl didn't leave any button untouched.

2. "Be careful try not to touch the container" WTF!

3. The wait wasn't that long, less than 20 minutes.

4. Are these earphones sanitized?

5. I am loving Jeanne Moreau's voice.

6. "Let's Go"

7. I'm feel a little hypnotize.
8. Oh, wait I think I getting ahead of myself.
9. "Bags can be dangerous"
10. This whole place smells like leather.

11. Yoko Ono "Wish Tree" installation: most laugh out loud wish, "I wish this exhibit could've been better"

12. Most heart-wrenching wish, "I wish Patti beats Cancer"

13. Ha, the earphones have disposable covers.

I really enjoyed the experience at the Exhibit. So go there before it leaves to London.

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