DIY: AA Circle Scarf

12:35 AM

I have been drolling over the American Apparel unisex circle scarf but forking out 28 bucks for a tube of fabric... I think not! This is what happens when the recession comes into effect.
Anyway last night trying to clear out my closet I stumbled on some scrap fabric and after cutting the edges

and sewing one straight seam to basically make a tube

...voila my own circle scarf.

DIY American Apparel scarf

The materials you will need would be cotton jersey fabric, Mood Fabrics has some great selections for really cheap prices however unfortunately or fortunately Mood has become a tourist destination. Scissors (sharp), matching colored thread and a sewing machine, if you have thin stretch fabric I suggest using a ball point needle. My tube wasn't too long but measure to your likeness.

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