The Lessons I learned this Holiday Season

3:34 PM

As a consumer and a someone who works in retail, my tactics for shopping was quite clear this season.

1. Do not open any store credit cards.
-As a salesperson I am told and sometime threaten to push credit cards at the customers. C'mon people are losing jobs and can't pay for their homes the last thing they want is to go deeper in debt.
2. Ask about the return/exchange policies.
-Some stores have a 30 to 90 days to return unworn merchandise back to the store. Honestly I have in the past paid one price then a few days later when that same item getsmarkdown (I mean way down) I go back return it and buy it back for the lower price and get some money back. This is hassle for the people at the store and actually the store is losing money but whatever in these tough times everyone needs break.
3.Gift Cards are just as good.
-Busy as a bee I was this season I couldn't really indulge in the craziness of hoilday shopping so I opt to get a few people gift cards at their favorite stores. In the past my father got me an Itunes $50 gift card... it was the best gift card ever.

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