back to my old SELF

11:19 PM

Yeah the internship I mentioned before was at Self magazine. As I look back at 2008 I really didn't have time to mySELF because I was always knee deep in a fashion closet somewhere. I loved all of my internships that I've done and I hope to do a few more before I graduate this year. However Self magazine is located at 4 Times Square (Conde Nast for those who don't know) that means there were always a possibility of bumping into an editor that I admire. But the best part of having an internship at 4TS is the... cafe. Since I been there I have seen Hamish Bowles waiting on the sushi line, Emily Weiss figuring out what to eat for breakfast, had a reunion with Suze Yalof Schwartz (love her!!!) and seeing the Teen Vogue staff enjoying lunch together.
The staff I worked with at Self were amazing!!! I will miss them very much.

The fashion closet

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