My essentials for NY Fashion Week

2:25 AM

Don't leave home without #nyfw
Literally in a fews hours I will be heading out the door to attend some shows but before I go I would like to show my basics materials to get me through New York Fashion Week.

1. Leopard Print umbrella: the print is a little gaudy but it's the smallest umbrella I have so it will have to do.
2. Huge Sunglasses: I love these babies to death I can't leave home without it.
3. Weekly Planner: I'm writing the details of the week in this so I don't forget anything.
4. Ipod: Listening to Britney Spears Circus album can really kill time.
5. Nokia Phone: Need I say more?!
6. Sanitizer: Hoping on the subway and using the "restroom" at Bryant Park this is a necessity.
7. Invites: Got a make sure I get in the Tents and I don't want to have an embarassing moment.
8. "Dont Leave New York Naked: Save the Garment District" button: If you see a girl wearing this button come say hi, I promise I don't bite.
9. Cameras: I have two, one for video and taking pictures.
10. Notepad: Got to take notes and thoughts, it's a busy time I might forget something.
11. Lipgloss: No chapped lips at Fashion Week.

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