Vogue and BMW Event

11:26 PM

I went to the Vogue and BMW event at Event Space. It was really awesome to see all who showed up tonight.

Chanel Iman Chanel Iman wearing Donna Karan. I had a quick chat with Chanel when I asked her what does she expect this fashion week season she replied, "too see faces of color." Yes, I hope to see that too.

Chanel Iman and Joy Bryant wearing Missoni

Joy Bryant, Chanel Iman, Mary Alice Stephenson, Helena Christensen,?,?

Rachel Zoe

Aya Kanai Teen Vogue Editor Aya Kanai, Teen Vogue editor. Love her!

Julia Frakes from Bunny Bisous
Julia Frakes from Bunny Bisous she is such a sweetheart.
Dress - A.F Vandevorst
pin/tights/bag- Chanel Paris/London
Shoes - Stella McCartney
Hat - Opening Ceremony

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