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A Must Read From a Former Elle Fashion Assistant

9:48 AM

I found this delightful gem of a blog this morning from Rachel Wilkerson. She used to be an accessories assistant at Elle magazine and from a bit a research back in 2008. The magazine industry has drastically changed since then but it's great to read her insight as a former employee at a high fashion magazine. Even though I know what goes on at a fashion magazine through my internships, it's rear to come across it on the internet.

Day in the Life of a Fashion Assistant

This isn’t to say I never got my shit chewed out; I did. But when it came from them, it was pretty much always justified. (Although sometimes other editors just tortured me for fun.)

A Bad Day in the Life of a Fashion Assistant
One time in our weekly department meeting we were discussing an upcoming shoot with a celeb and one of the directors said, “Well does Ralph Lauren really want a fat black girl wearing his clothes?”

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