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Pretty in Pink Blazers

Pretty in Pink Blazer

A color that I'm not too fond of is pink , yeah the same color of the Pepto-Bimsol, but I digress. Even though pink is personally not for me I do appreciate and take notice when other people incorporate it in their outfits in a edgy way. However I have noticed on various street style blogs and and a few members on Lookbook.nu that people are sporting pink blazers. I love wearing boyfriends blazers, I wear them all the time in various colors, would I wear one pink? Mostly likely not. But these lovely young ladies above, really looks fabulous to the point I might be reconsidering adding pink to my collection of blazers.
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CW 2010/11 Upfront Presentation

CW Katy Perry

I attended the CW 2010/11 Upfront Presentation which was ultra-fun, I tweeted through the whole presentation. Katy Perry performed and "Hot n Cold" and the CW's Summer theme song, "California Gurls". I have to give it to Katy P, she did a great job of getting all of those industry people up on their feet, because they were beyond apprehensive. But I was excited about going to the Upfront because I wanted to know a little of what to expect of the next season of Gossip Girl, which is that the show will take place in Paris. Drum roll please... the question remains will Chuck Bass live or die? The suspense, I know. Anyhoos the ultimate surprise of the presentation was that the announcement that the winner for next season of America's Next Top Model with grace the cover of Italian Vogue. All I know, is that competition better be fierce next season.

The video below is Katy Perry's performance and the handsome Chace Crawford (I can't get enough of him!)

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What's Old is New Again at the Met Ball

Model Coco Rocha in a Zac Posen Spring 2008 dress at the 2010 Met Ball
Even though it may seems like fashion sucide by wearing a last season dress to an event such as the Met Gala, but Coco Rocha proved that theory wrong. Making her appearance at the Metropolitan Ball in a Spring 2008 (yes 2008!) Zac Posen dress it's gorgeous and dare I say still revelent.
Isn't that what fashion is all about?

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Inspected Trend: School Girl Charm

Inspected trend School Girl Charm

I experienced for two years of my life going to a school that required an uniform. What some girls and I learned fast was that eventhough we all had the same pieces on, we still can make the look our own. I noticed the school girl uniform inspired looks that came down the Fall runway instantly. The elements of plaid, pleated short skirts, and the white button up shirts, were all too familiar. But designers such as Proenza Schouler really made the look modern with the leather pleated skirt and cropped jacket.
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DIY-ing at Roxy and Quiksilver Summer Preview

For the past couple of weeks I've been going to multiple market appointments however none of them embraced creativity among the press such as the Quiksilver/Roxy preview.
There was a station for designing a personalized surf board, a chance to win prizes by playing a Wii game, and my favorite diy project, turning a shirt into bag.
With the help of Erica Domesek from P.S I Made This, a Quiksilver cotton tee and a few knots here and there, it wasn't that hard to make. See the finish bag here.

Aside from all the diy-ing fun of the preview, DC Shoes had their sneaker collection there as well which was colorful and eclectic for all those hipsters that loves their kicks.
But the rest of the collections of Roxy and Quiksilver was full of vintage inspired tees, abstract print dresses and embellished studded sweaters. I had a great time making the DIY bag and seeing what Roxy and Quiksilver had to offer.

DC Shoes

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