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Vintage Footage: Fashion Blogs Exploring the Online Phenomenon

1:06 AM

This was one of the first video I watched about fashion blogging a few years ago. This video really doesn't get into who are the popular fashion bloggers but just the beginning of the 'phenomenon' of blogging. I don't understand why Perez Hilton was featured but that's not here or there. I really appreciated Patrick McCarthy’s opinion of blogging, that it's mostly gibberish and worthless thoughts. Sigh. Now with 14 year old Tavi interviewing Gwen Stefani in Teen Vogue and being a muse to Rodarte, Tumblr sending 20 plus bloggers to Fashion Week, Rumi Neely in Forever21 ads, and Susie Bubble featured in GAP campaigns and other achievements bloggers had over the years,

I wonder was it those gibberish and worthless thoughts that made bloggers important to fashion brands and online media? Just a thought...

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