Essentials for New York Fashion Week

2:05 PM

Fall 2011 New York Fashion Week is in full swing today as excited I am there are a few things that I can't leave the house with. Maybe I should have called this survival items for Fashion Week? Anyway the image is done.

1. Trail Mix - Long days with back to back shows at times I have no time to have a decent meal. Mixed nuts of any kind hold down the hunger pains.

2. Notebook - I'm not all fancy when it comes to a notebook for taking notes. I can take notes on a business card if came down to it. The Five-Star personal notebook is a minuture 1 subject notebook that also come with storage pockets which comes in handy with invites and other things I get during Fashion Week.

3. iPhone - No more lugging around a laptop or netbook. I can take photos (even if they are blurring) and write posts on this blogs all from my iPhone. Also another major point of having my iPhone during Fashion Week is that it contains my schedule for the week. So if I lose this I'm [fill in the blank].

4. A colorful scarf - It's been freezing all this month and this week is no better. A scarf that is warm and colorful is a way of jazzing up a bulking coat.

5. Water - Water, do I need to write more?! I have to keep hydrated this week that's an essential.

Have a Happy Fashion Week!

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