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Kimberly Taylor Gets Man Repelled for Fall 2011

11:17 AM

Last season Kimberly had Andrew Mukamal as stylist to her collection new season ahead she got the ultimate Lady Boner of Man Repeller Leandre Medine to use her skills to style the collection. I caught up with Leandre Medine asking her about styling the show and the sudden fame of Man Repeller.

How did you use your Man Repeller skills to style the Kimberly Taylor Collection?:

Leandre Medine: Well if you noticed we mixed a lot of leather and leather and sort of tried to mixed two colors into a lot the looks. A lot of the socks and sandals was me pulling my Man Repeller, the bright red lips, sort of fish tail braid. It was a little bit androgynous all of the bow ties were made specfically for the collection because it was styled by Man Repeller. So a lot of the leather accents, the bow ties, it's sort of menswear inspired which is a lot of what my blog stands for.

Did you ever thought that from your blog you'll be styling a show?

LM: Absoutley not. Kim happened to be a close friend of mine and it worked out very nicely it was her that asked me before anyone else did to style a collection. But I didn't think anything would happen from my blog, I didn't think I'd be writing, I didn't think I'd be styling, I didn't think I'd be designing. So it's exciting.

You have a busy week this week. Are you overwhelmed?

LM: I am, definitely I feel like I was always the type of person that I will never be one of those girls that complains about over exhaustion during Fashion Week. You know that's such a white girl problem, but I totally get it. It hasn't even started and my head is already spinning.

What do you think you will learn from this Fashion Week?

LM: Fashion Week is in fact the Olympics of Man Repeller. I'm hoping I leave with a yeti suit or two.

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