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Question: Most and Least About Fashion Week?

1:33 PM

I asked a few of my favorite editors what they like the most and least about New York Fashion Week.

Dani Stahl Nylon Magazine

Dani Stahl, Style Director at Nylon Magazine

I love the energy of Fashion Week, I love putting on all the fun outfits for fashion week, I love seeing all of my friends and mostly amazing fashion. The only thing is the lack of sleep that can get to you sometimes.

Do you plan your outfits for Fashion Week?

DS: Every season I tell myself I'm going to plan ahead and somehow it's me scrabbling at 7:30 in the morning to make it to that first show.

Julie Wilson, Staff Fashion Editor at Real Simple Magazine

I love the most about seeing what all the most fabulous trends are going to be for Fall and seeing all of my collagues from other magazines. It's kind of like a little class reunion. The least is finding taxis, getting from show to show.

Mary-Kate Steinmiller, Associate Market Editor at Teen Vogue Magazine

The most I love is seeing all of my editor friends and running around with them and sharing taxis and going through the craziness of the week schedule.

The least is that it's freezing outside trying to get taxis, the crowds and the people who don't neccesarilly have to be at the shows and dealing with that.

Kyle Anderson, Senior Accessories Editor at Elle Magazine

The most is what excites me in my whole life is finding new cool things especially for the magazine. For me being able to see new jewelry and new bags and new shoes and new takes on classics even, it makes me excited and I know it makes a lot of girls excited. So it's fun it's a win win situation for anyone.

The least is probably the crowds, it's a lot of waiting in line, it's hot and it's uncomfortable.

As Accessories Editor do you look at clothes at all?

KA: Yeah definitely, you have to admit there are some collections that people are not really focused on accessories so they excel at ready-to wear and that's great. Maybe that's just their focused and not everyone is a designer who can do accessories and ready-to wear and that's where all the collaborations come in.

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