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The Fashion Press Are Not Happy

5:46 PM

News broke this morning during the Balenciaga runway show benches started to crumble under the fashion's Elite, which ultimately everyone in attendance had to stand. I did snicker on the inside, but hey no one got hurt so that's a good thing. Shortly after tweets started to fill up my timeline about the benching-catastrophe, Meenal Minstry, a Fashion Writer for Style.com tweeted, "Best quote of the day "Tom Ford could have used some faulty benches to get his standing ovation." Ouch! Which brings me to my point of this post, apparently Tom Ford was expecting a standing ovation at the end of his fashion show that never happened. Was the collection that awful the fashion crowd was unimpressed to not stand for the man that overhauled Gucci a few years ago?  Well Virginie Mouzat certainly thinks so. She wrote, "From the first model on the runway, we are struck by what resembles an out-of-style Gucci collection from ten years ago." You can read the rest of the article on The Cut and it's not pleasant. Moving on to Lady Gaga's main man, Nicola Formichetti for Mugler, this show also didn't receive a pleasant review from the fashion press. Christina Brinkley tweeted this and wrote on her WSJ Blog, "It was a melange of the trends of the past 15 years: Beige from 2010, articulated shoulders from 2009, gothic, asymmetrical cuts from Helmut Lang." Another Ouch! Paris Fashion Week is not over yet and I hope that the collections gets better because the fashion critics are not holding back.

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