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Sally Singer's Visual Imagination for Fall

6:13 PM

Sally Singer

Quickly after Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week show ended, the temperatures dropped reminding us that Fall is around the corner. In Februray I had a quick with Sally Singers and other editors. However in usually Sally Singer style one would think a simple question would provoke a simple answer, not for Sally. Her answer for, What you like the most during New York Fashion Week, was intellecutally inspiring that it needed it's own post.

"What I like the most about fashion week is just seeing new things and having your eye adjust. It's not just having your eye adjust it's often things you're thinking about are confirmed. So I've been in this lace jag in my life, I've been wearing every vintage black lace dress I have and there's lace everywhere for winter. So you both see that your visual imagination is on track with the way people you respect visual imagination is going and then you also get to see stuff that wasn't in your imagination at all and that sort of sends you further."

What if your visual imagination is not on track?
"I'm sort of stubborn so my visual imagination keeps going where it's going. But it's really nice to be surprise, it's really nice to have your eye shifted and jolted to something new. It's always is inevitable because even I'm thinking winter lace and wearing winter lace I found at flea markets, it's one thing to see it in my weird head. It's other thing to see Marc Jacobs, Rodarte and everyone else do it and really do something with it. It makes it all the more interesting and more desirable for having seen it. I think it's really great to be surprised we don't always look for NY for that jolt it's often in Paris when you're starting to edit and something happens and your like, oh really it's all about that."

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