Song of Fall 2011 NY Fashion Week

Hands down, the song that seemed to be in many shows playlist this season was Adele - Rolling Deep.

Enjoy and reminisce!

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Son Jung Wan Fall 2011

First time attending the Son Jung Wan and attending a show where I wasn't sure what to expect. I was highly surprised that I liked it. The collection was highly inspired by the 70's. There were bell-bottoms silk pants, that made me scared then I realized, what the hell it's fashion.

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Inspected Trend: Hot Pants

New York Fashion Week is officially over today and even though there are many trends that I've noticed already, I'm kind of excited about this one, Hot Pants. Hot pants, not necessarily in the literal term but for this blog sake, it's referring to what I've seen during a few shows, a pair of pants that's a burst of color. That's right kids, I guess come Fall instead of opting for a grey, black, khaki pants go for the bold.
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CHIC Envy: PS1 Medium Blanket Jacquard Messenger Bag

Coming off that highly graphic printed collection by Proenza Schouler, the bags are available to pre-order. Yum Yum and more yum, it seems like no matter what color, fabrication or print I still love the PS1.
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DJ Mia Moretti on the Scene

DJ Mia Moretti have been hitting the NY Fashion Week Scene this season mixing for Fashion Parties and Fashion Shows. I went to the Bebe show yesterday and I couldn't help myself from wanting to dance out of my seat, the music was that GOOD. So shout out to her and her ability to still look cool while djing. I definitely see her doing major shows in the future.
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Dax Gabler Fall 2011 Presentation

Designer Devi Kroell presented her new line Dax Gabler today. I've known of Devi Kroell when she was designing for her namesake line, but she is no longer designing for that brand so on to the next. The next would be Dax Gabler a line inspired by Devi's grandmother and her roots of living in Maine.
The collection consist of shoes, handbags and outerwear which were mostly sweaters. Some of the sweaters were hand and machine knitted, the kicker is that the wool comes from a specific kind of lamb that is raised in the Alps in western Austria. This type of wool is so thick that you can wear the sweaters in replace of a coat or jacket during Fall.

Hell yes to that!

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My View at Karen Walker

The back of Gloria Baume, Fashion Director at Teen Vogue.
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Vivienne Tam Fall 2011

Vivienne Tam has always been a designer dedicated to her Chinese roots but still manage to make her collection modern and relatable for every women no matter of ethnicity. This collection there was an obvious focused on tailoring and shapes and mixing of tweeds, silk and wool all which can be seen in the coats, dresses and skirts. Attending the show was pretty fun instead of everyone watching the models on the runway, everyone was looking at the models on the big screen as they were being filmed.

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Question: Most and Least About Fashion Week?

I asked a few of my favorite editors what they like the most and least about New York Fashion Week.

Dani Stahl Nylon Magazine

Dani Stahl, Style Director at Nylon Magazine

I love the energy of Fashion Week, I love putting on all the fun outfits for fashion week, I love seeing all of my friends and mostly amazing fashion. The only thing is the lack of sleep that can get to you sometimes.

Do you plan your outfits for Fashion Week?

DS: Every season I tell myself I'm going to plan ahead and somehow it's me scrabbling at 7:30 in the morning to make it to that first show.

Julie Wilson, Staff Fashion Editor at Real Simple Magazine

I love the most about seeing what all the most fabulous trends are going to be for Fall and seeing all of my collagues from other magazines. It's kind of like a little class reunion. The least is finding taxis, getting from show to show.

Mary-Kate Steinmiller, Associate Market Editor at Teen Vogue Magazine

The most I love is seeing all of my editor friends and running around with them and sharing taxis and going through the craziness of the week schedule.

The least is that it's freezing outside trying to get taxis, the crowds and the people who don't neccesarilly have to be at the shows and dealing with that.

Kyle Anderson, Senior Accessories Editor at Elle Magazine

The most is what excites me in my whole life is finding new cool things especially for the magazine. For me being able to see new jewelry and new bags and new shoes and new takes on classics even, it makes me excited and I know it makes a lot of girls excited. So it's fun it's a win win situation for anyone.

The least is probably the crowds, it's a lot of waiting in line, it's hot and it's uncomfortable.

As Accessories Editor do you look at clothes at all?

KA: Yeah definitely, you have to admit there are some collections that people are not really focused on accessories so they excel at ready-to wear and that's great. Maybe that's just their focused and not everyone is a designer who can do accessories and ready-to wear and that's where all the collaborations come in.
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I Spy, You Spy: PR firm throwing shade at bloggers

"[Major fashion PR firm] don't like bloggers."
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Karen Walker Fall 2011 Runway Presentation

Karen Walker runway shows never disappoints me, I complete enjoy the styling and the inspiration behind it. In the show notes for this season Karen was apparently inspired outsiders and sub-cultures and the Searching For The Young Rebels, an album by Dexy's Midnight Runner. Rebel this collection was there were tailored pants, coats, floral mid-length skirts and dresses. Majority of the coats and dress had either leather accents on the sleeves or along the hem which I loved. Some dresses may give the feeling of being sweet then the sleeves are leather which in turns gives an element of bad-ass.

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Street Photogs in Action

Garance Dore, Scott Schuman and Tommy Ton

As I was walking out of Lincoln Center I found it absolutely intriguing how the predominate street style bloggers get into action when they see a style that gets their attention. This particular day the majors were out: Garance Dore, Scott Schuman, Tommy Ton, Mr. Newton, Bill Cunningham and a few others, see what got their shutters clicking (tee hee).

Mr Newton took a picture of Harpers Bazaar Editor

Bill Cunningham
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Suzanne Rae Fall 2011 Presentation

Suzanne Rae Fall 2011 presentation was pretty straightforward of her point of view of designing for the modern woman. Majority of looks reminded me of what the movie character Annie Hall would wear. There were a lot of flannel coats, high waist pants and plenty of menswear inspired loafers to go around.
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