NY Fashion Week Must-Haves

8:21 PM

In a slight homage to today's post on Refinery29, 9 Top Editors Spill Their Must-Haves For Fashion Week, I have decided to spill MY must-haves for Fashion Week. :-)

Saneeta Harris, Founder & Editor, Chic Inspector

High-top wedges from Payless
"I expect much running up and down this season from Milk Studios, Lincoln Center and other venues around the City so I need shoes with height and are comfortable."

Number One 1001808 Sunglasses by Karen Walker
"Karen Walker sunglasses are a don't-leave-home-without-it essential. These are crucial for the early morning shows because I'm not a morning person."

iPad 2 from Apple
"An iPad really don't need any explanation. But I will say this, having apps are important for file-sharing to photo-editing."

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