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Spring Styling at Factory PR

7:41 PM

Spring is full bloom... such a tired phase I know. But after a dreadful and unpredictable Winter I'm excited to drop some of the layers and go into this new season full bloom ahead!

First course of action, planning outfits around Factory PR brands which includes, Mango, BarIII, Betsey Johnson and a few others.
I wanted to based the outfits around certain trends I felt were prevalent for Spring.

Textured & Sequins
 1.       Mango Yellow Cardigan
2.       Poleci Sequin Top
3.       Betsey Johnson platform wedge
4.       Mango cobalt jeans
5.       BarIII gold bracelets

Statement Necklace & Tie-dye jeans
1.       Jimmy Taverniti Grey Silk Shirt
2.       Mango Statement Necklace
3.       Mango tie dye jeans
4.       Steve Madden platform pumps

Color Blocking with Pastels
1.       Mango Turquoise top
2.       Mango Red Jeans
3.       Mango Striped tank top
4.       Steve Madden contrast sole loafers

Turning a printed dress into scarf
1.       Mango White Top
2.       Steve Madden Colorblock Platform Wedge
3.       Mango Green Jeans
4.       Mango Silk Printed Dress (shown as scarf)

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