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Chic Inspector's Earth Day 2012 Picks

6:18 PM

Chic Inspector's Earth Day 2012 Picks

It's that time of the year again when we all stop and think about the environment, the materials we recycle and Mother Earth in general. It's Earth Day! Sometimes there's a misconception that eco-friendly clothes and sustainable fabrics are dowdy and fugly. It's 2012 and technology and other processes make it easier for designers to join the eco-movement.

The T by Alexander Wang taupe playsuit is a tencel and linen-blend, if you didn't know, tencel is an eco-friendly sustansible fabric. Stella McCartney is a designer that believes in eco-fashion and excudes her vegan lifestyle into some of her pieces. AG Adriano Goldschmied The Stilt Jeans are eco-friendly not only are they made in the USA (thumbs for in-house production) but they are made with less water and chemicals and natural and bio-degradable fibers. Nissa Pyrite Bracelet is made from recycled metal chains and is organically handcrafted.

Earth Day Buying info:
1. T by Alexander Wang Tencel and linen-blend playsuit
2. Stella McCartney  Falabella Faux Leather iPad Sleeve
3. Nissa Jewelry Pyrite Bracelet
4. Stella McCartney Vegan Constructed Cork Sandal
5. AG Adriano Goldschmied The Stilt Jeans

How are you celebrating Earth Day?

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