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Inspection Report: Mathieu Mirano Spring 2013 Presentation

9:40 PM

Mathieu Mirano Spring 2013 Presentation
Show:  Mathieu Mirano Spring 2013 Presentation

Location: The Box, MBFW

Piece to Covet: White sequined mesh tube gown.

Overall: Not too long ago, I praised this young designer talents on this blog, click here to read post. So it was great that he continued to show a strong collection that once again supersedes how young he is. The set design automatically reminded me of some sort of fictional planet that the crystals have burst through the ground. I guess my thought was completely way off. Mathieu's inspiration, Human-Dinozation: The evolution of a scientist woman. This woman clearly has many layers, with chiffon gowns to printed leather shorts this is one chic scientist.

Grade: B+

Designer Mathieu Mirano going through the collection with stylist, Ty Hunter.

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