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Get The Look: Chic Coats

10:30 AM

 inspired by Miroslava Duma

The Spring 2013 Couture shows are going on and it's great see the collections and also see what the streetstyle is outside of the shows. It's been severely cold here on the East coast... and when I mean cold, it's so cold it hurts.

 New York Fashion Week is coming up very soon and with the temperature in the 10s and 20s, it begs the question, how do one looks chic when it's painfully cold? I'm going to take an obvious style tip from Miroslava Duma walking from the shows in Paris, a chic coat goes a long way. 
Keep Calm Stay Warm.

1. Moshchino Cheap and Chic, Net-a-porter.com
2. Preen, my-wardrobe.com
3. Sophie Hulme, Net-a-porter.com
4. Caraven, my-wardrobe.com
5.  Belted Button Front, Asos.com

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