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Inspection Report: Callula Lillibelle Fall 2013 Presentation

11:35 PM

Callula Lillibelle Fall 2013 Presentation

Show: Callula Lillibelle Fall 2013 Presentation

Location: Hudson Terrace, NYC

Overall: Designer Melanie Fraser Hart, the CEO and founder of Callula Lillibelle was inspired by her trip to China. ...
China is full of great inspiration for many designers and brands, the country is a large source of textiles and history. Melanie didn't hesitate to pull from the Chinese culture and interpret that for her customer. For Fall '13, the collection focuses on dresses and coat dresses. The palette of the collection was very somber with hues of eggplants, purples, browns, dark khaki and black.

Grade: B

Melanie Fraser Hart directing the models.

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