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Market Appointment: Henri Bendel Fall '13 Preview

9:29 PM

Henri Bendel Fall '13 Preview

The Henri Bendel fall preview is what you might expect from a high-end retailer... minus the crazy tags that usually comes from brands. Henri Bendel honed in to what what their customer wants in handbags, accessories and jewelry which is luxe, quality and great craftsmanship.

The Carlyle Tote, $450, (peanut, pistachio, china Blue, vamp/Bone, Black)

See more of what Henri Bendel has to offer for Fall ...

The Carlyle North/South Tote, $450
Studded Wallet on a String, $228, (Black, pistachio, vamp)

The Carlyle Large Barrel - Caviar, $450, (Black, vamp)

Blair Haircalf Clutch for iPad, $198 (Brown multi, Black, petrol)

W 57th XL East/West Tote, $350, (Black, clover, Silver) W 57th XL East/West Tote – Croc, $350 (orange)

No. 7 Quilt Zip Tote, $450, (clover, peanut, pistachio, vixen, Black, Denim)

No. 7 Quilt Foldover Clutch, $250

No. 7 Quilt Zip Tote, $450
No. 7 Quilt Zip Tote, $450, No. 7 Quilt Petite Shoulder Bag, $298, 

The Scarlet Saddle Bag, $298

W 57th Passport Cover, $58, (Black), W 57th Jewelry Roll, $98, (Black), W 57th Travel Jewelry Box, $68, (Black), W 57th Bag Tag, $28, (Black), W 57th Contact Lens Case, $38, (Black), W 57th Card Case, $38, (Black, Silver), W 57th Pill Box, $48, (Black)

The Metropolitan Satchel - Suede Snake, $498,

Centennial Stripe Small Barrel, $378

Miss Bendel Tote - Quilted, $328,  Miss Bendel Barrel - Quilted, $378,  Miss Bendel Hobo - Quilted, $378

Miss Bendel Satchel, $298, (Black, tan) Miss Bendel Magazine Tote, $298, (Black, tan) Miss Bendel Crossbody, $198, (Black, tan)

Disturbed Stripe XL East/West Tote Graphic Stripe, $298, (Blue and yellow), Disturbed Stripe East/West Tote Graphic Stripe, $248, (pink and red)


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