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Pinnacle Flavor Launch Event

1:00 PM

I love candy, cake and cocktails! Pinnacle Vodka has found a way to satisfy people's sweet tooth by launching Pinnacle Rainbow Sherbet Vodka and Strawberry Shortcake Vodka. I attended the Pinnacle Vodka Flavor launch to taste the many ways to mix the cocktails. All I could say is, Yummy! :-)
Enjoying a shot with Exclusive Kat
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Pinnacle Rainbow Sherbet Recipes

Sherbet Sunset

2 parts Pinnacle® Rainbow Sherbet Vodka

1 part frozen orange juice concentrate (thawed)

¼ part water (pre-mixed with concentrate)

Drizzle of almond syrup

Mix all ingredients in a shaker over ice. Shake and strain over ice in a rocks glass.

Garnish with rainbow candy sticks.

Rainbow Refresher

Equal part Pinnacle® Rainbow Sherbet Vodka

Equal part topped with club soda

Prepare in a highball glass

rainbow candy belt down

over ice and garnish with

the side of the glass

 Pinnacle Strawberry Shortcake Recipes

Strawberries 'N Cream

2 parts

Pinnacle® Strawberry Shortcake Vodka

1 teaspoon strawberry preserves

1 part milk

Drizzle of strawberry syrup

Shake and strain into a martini glass.

Garnish with crushed waffle cones and half of a fresh strawberry

Strawberry Fizz

Pinnacle® Strawberry Shortcake Vodka

1 ½ parts sparkling wine

into champagne glass.

fresh strawberry.

2 parts

Shake vodka over ice, strain

Top with sparkling wine and garnish with wild strawberries.

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