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OK! Magazine "So Sexy" Party

12:45 AM

 DJ and Host Amanda Seales
I always  like to recognized those that have came up through the ranks with hard-work  At the OK! Magazine 'So Sexy' party held at Marquee in NYC, I had the chance to dance, drink some cocktails and see a few people I've always admired through the years. 

See who I took pics of ...

DJ Kid Capri
I've been a huge fan of Kid Capri since I was in elementary school listening to his sets on radio in the afternoons. At Marquee, he was there representing his show, Master of the Mix. Throughout the night, he had the whole crowd dancing out of their seats.

Angie Beyince
 Angie Beyince's positive aura is contagious. She is so down to earth, it's not a coincidence she's been working with her cousin, Beyonce Knowles for many years.
Journalist, Sharon Carpenter
 Before Sharon Carpenter became a reality star on VH1's Gossip Game, she used to work for BBC and was a reporter for BET. She has the beauty and the brains. 

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