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NIVEA "Style, Uncapped" with Rebecca Minkoff

1:19 AM

Fashion Designer Rebecca Minkoff 

On top of the Standard Hotel in the East Village, I attended the launch of Style Uncapped, a campaign by Nivea partnering with Fashion designer, Rebecca Minkoff.  Style Uncapped is a customized lip care design campaign that celebrate the consumers' personal style. Nivea is giving the opportunity to DIY you own lip care caps and purchase them.
Designer Rebecca Minkoff's partnership with Nivea and this program is to encourage self expression. Rebecca said, "With this first of its kind program, we will give everyone in America the opportunity to make their lip cap their best accessory – and I know all too well about the importance of a great accessory.” 

Read and see more pics...

Rebecca own's lip cap that was on display at the event, was inspired by a vintage scarf. The print from the scarf can seen in a top and a dress in Minkoff's collection. To start designing your own lip cap, head over to StyleUncapped.com.

My lip cap, this was inspired by the design of my blog...obviously! LOL!

Create Your Own Cocktails. This was a DIY drink station! 

The view was amazing this day!

Rebecca Minkoff poses with the Nivea team.

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