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Get It Now: Backpacks

7:26 AM

Yes we all know that It's that time of year again and school is almost back in session. Backpacks is an important essentials right now for students and also among the stylish set. Since I saw the Olsen Sisters totting around their own brand, The Row backpacks many other brands followed suits with their own stylish backpacks. Backpacks are not regulated for school but also a chic alternative if you don't want to carry a handbag. I've put together some stylish backpacks that can be cool for school or just day out with friends.

See more chic backpacks...

NastyGal Hot Pepper Backpack  // Asya Malbershtein Black town backpack  // Asya Malbershtein White town backpack  //  STEVE MONO 'Paul' Backpack  // EASTPAK RAF SIMONS 'Big' backpack in Navy and black  //   EASTPAK RAF SIMONS 'Big' backpack   // Betsey Johnson - Skullfully Embossed Back Pack   // Kohls Rosetti On The Brink Quilted Backpack   // Herschel - City Weather Pack   // Asya Malbershtein Beige Leather Rectangular Backpack from Boticca  // The Row Women's Hobo Leather Hobo/Backpack 

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