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Inspection Report: DEIVIE Spring/Summer '14 Presentation

6:54 PM

Inspection Report: DEIVIE Spring/Summer '14 Presentation

Who: DEIVIE Spring/Summer '14 presentation
Where: Haven Rooftop at The Sanctuary Hotel
Overall: "Can you feel my love" is one of the appliques embroidered one of the tops  in the Deivie Summer/Spring collection. Designer Christina Mannino, was inspired by “hate” notes she made for an art installation in 2010. Many of those confessions were playful plastered on dresses and sweaters. Along with this inspiration was Mannino “country glam, party picnic,” theme inspired by country songstresses Nancy Sinatra & Taylor Swift. I could definitely see the sweetness that came from Swift and the rebelliousness from Sinatra in the collection.

Grade: B-

See more of the Deivie S/S '14 Presentation... 

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