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Inspection Report: Laquan Smith Spring '14 Presentation

9:41 AM

Laquan Smith Spring '14 Presentation
Who: Laquan Smith Spring '14 Presentation
Where: 91 Horatio, NYC

Overall: Laquan Smith has have a great year, From major artists such as Nicki Minaj and Ciara both rocking his designer in a music video. Designer Laquan Smith, presented his Spring/Summer '14 titled "Dark Summer". Laquan was inspired by the casualness of summer and the transitional casual wear. Rightfully so, there were scuba sweatpants and scuba sweat tops, that gave a more refined looked to the common sweatsuit look. When I walked into the presentation I saw the lace dress (as above) was actually plastic. One thing I adore about Laquan is his use of incorporating fabric in a creative concept.

Grade: B+

Singer Bridget Kelly and Designer Laquan Smith

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