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Swoon, A New Dating App Made for Women, By Women

7:29 PM

Swoon, Dating App

Being a working single girl is not an easy feat when your trying to date. Many people, myself included have been using various dating apps to increase our chances of meeting someone. However having an instant connection in the internet world is very bleak.  I attended the the Swoon Relaunch party at the Gramercy Hotel and I was pleased to know that the app tries duplicate the notion of seeing someone you like and capturing that attraction without the distraction of essays, bios, likes and dislikes and forever long questionnaires. In real life there's none of that when you meet someone. For Swoon all you need to do is swipe right if you like that person and left if you don't... it's just that easy. 

 I had a quick chat with Swoon's Head of Product, Molly Messenger, here's what she had to say about Swoon...

 "What's great about Swoon we have women and men working at the company, we have this great balance. [Dating] is time consuming and stressful, they are actual people you can pay to write your online dating bios, because people don't know what to say, they feel have to put on a persona for themselves. A lot times people don't want to put themselves out there so much. At Swoon it's very easier, all you have to do is sign up and you're in it, it's low commitment. In order to have good match you really don't need all of that information, you can just start taking to them."

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