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Brand Spotlight: Lionette by Noa Sade

9:00 AM

Brand Spotlight: Lionette by Noa Sade and Vanessa Lee
When two female friends came together to curate an accessory collection that captured the essence of a lioness, Lionette was founded. Noa Sade of Israel and China-born, NYC-raised Vanessa Lee founded Lionette in 2009, they wanted to design a jewelry line for that empowered woman who is passionate and fearless in her everyday life. From traveling around the world and being globally inspired, they use those experiences to gain of better understanding of their "lioness" customer. Along with those travels they cleverly name the pieces of jewelry after people they met and place they been. These two best friends and business partners continue to build their brand as they based in NYC and their jewelry are all handmade.

See their q&a below and see which mega popstar was recently wearing their ring to wrist bracelet...

What made you name your jewelry pieces after the people you've met?
Noa & Vanessa: Love is the biggest inspiration - Life is ALL about the people around you.

Name one place that's you've travel that continues to inspire you?
Noa: South Africa

Before founding Lionette by Noa Sade, did you have a background in designing jewelry?
Noa: Yes, I was designing three years prior to Lionette.

Rihanna wearing Lionette by Noa Sade - Andaman
Rihanna wearing Lionette by Noa Sade - Andaman
Can you describe your brand aesthetic in three words?
Noa & Vanessa: Statement. Goddess. Timeless.

If you weren't a designer, what profession would you have?
Noa: Musician

Do you have any advice for aspiring jewelry designers?
Noa: Follow your heart, make a difference, inspirations are everywhere.

Lionette is available in stores in the US and abroad and can be shipped worldwide via lionetteny.com

photo by Divine Light Photography

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